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“we are friends in this adventure, able to inspire you,
relax you and stimulate your visions,
through a journey shared together.”

We are an Italian wedding planning company based in Milan, Italy. Daniela and Paola, founders and creative directors of Centorose e un tulipano, have planned hundreds of weddings since their beginning in year 2000. From intimate celebrations to lavish week-end weddings, always focused on elegant, timeless events for unconventional couples. We love open, confident people who allow us to get to know them and create very personal events that reflect who they are.
Our vision focuses on a clean aesthetic that represents the personality of the couple and is a reflection of their wedding vision. Our motto is "less is more" from the architect Mies Van de Rohe. We like an “understated” beauty and consider simplicity as a synonymous of elegance. According to the couple 's vision, we work as a team to bring their dream wedding alive. We travel around Italy constantly searching for unique venues away from the mass circuit scouting private locations before they become famous. Whatever you decide, whether it’s in the hills, by the sea or on a private island just for you ,we will be able to lead you into the wonderland that is Italy


Getting married is an important step that couples commit to a certain time of their lives, when they decide to create a family. The walk to the big day, sometimes can be complicated, and the moments of joy can be confused with stress and anxiety. With us by your side, the choices will be simplified since you will have the best professionals in the industry, in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience that allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the best moment of your life with your family and friends



  • daniela e paola

    After several experiences as architects and interior designer, Paola Cernigliaro and Daniela Natale met under the aegis of the Milanese design lady, Maddalena De Padova. Next to her they had the great opportunity to work with design masters, such as Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni. They approach the floral art by chance, and following their instincts they decide to start their new work experience from the language of flowers, which still remains a strong creative input for their work, as an expression of art. As architects they are immediately able to get a feeling of the space they are visiting, creating a deep connection with the surround and with the architecture itself, respecting the uniqueness of the places in which they always articulate different projects. They constantly search for venues out off the beaten track trying to promote the hidden gems of Italy, even in the less known regions for the destination weddings. In their language, opulence and luxury are never ostentation itself, but an opportunity to highlight what is the beauty of the Italian heritage, from food to art, to architecture.



  • Newlyweds couple in Milan

    Daniela and Paola plan and realize moments of unforgettable joy. They listen to the happy couple and on the basis of their suggestions and the meaning they give to their special day, they plan every detail with care and attention. A highly refined taste and constant attention to aesthetics bring desires and emotions to life. Attentive yet discreet, they are two angels, always present and able to anticipate every request and harmonize everything with marvellous energy. It is truly a pleasure to have them with you on such an important day ! Places, furniture, lights, music, accessories, flowers, colours, words: every element bears their unmistakable signature as they tell the unique story of the couple on their wedding day.


  • Newlyweds kiss in church

    We are leaving the “Borgo" now.  We have just spent the most wonderful weekend of our lives made possible thanks to you. Dear friends, thanks from all of us and our families for the extraordinary work you did over these three days and for all the support given over the months we spent together organizing this amazing event.

    A big hug from all three of us.


  • Newlyweds artistic picture

    Six months have passed since our Big Day, and only now I am able to stand back and say something about Paola and Daniela, the wedding planners of Cento Rose e un tulipano.  It’s not that I had to think of things to say, quite the contrary, as  positive comments about them pour out of my mouth; maybe it was the emotion of the whole day which led to my confusion.  Anyway……….Paola and Daniela, a blonde and a brunette, beautiful and stylish, magical wedding planners. The great difference between them and other event organizers I have had dealings with, is their innate elegance and great powers of empathy, always there, but never invasive. Right from the first meeting they managed to understand me, and make all my fantasies about my wedding, come true.  They followed me with commitment and participation but never in an invasive way.  They were there from the initial preparations, right until the end of my wedding day.  I can advise everyone to turn to Cento Rose e un tulipano because their help means you will experience your Big Day lightheartedly without having to worry about the organization yet certain in the knowledge that everything will work out perfectly.


  • In the six months we worked together, Daniela and Paola, became our wedding planners, our lawyers, our consultants...our friends!
    We will always be grateful for everything that they did, to make our happiest day so perfect.
    Thanks for everythings
    Ali + Alby

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