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Wedding Styling

We are a creative team with a solid background in architecture, able to design an event from A to Z. Starting from one single detail, we craft a project based on your vision, that we transform into reality. No magic wand: months of hard work to find the best and to ensure the excellence. We start by creating a mood-board inspired by art, painting, poetry, patterns. We like the clients with an aesthetic vision which is clear and bold. We then work on a mutual mood board to find a common language able to combine our vision and our clients desires. We are fascinated by flowers, as well as furniture, set designs and details, which are able to transform a simple place, in a dream-like set. We partner up with the best floral and lighting designers. Lights, as well as sartorial details, transform the scene, creating an illusion, able to impact on guests vision. We produce multi-day wedding weekend experiences, from welcome parties, to rehearsal dinners, from brunches to guest gatherings.

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